Why is CBD coffee good?

Isn’t coffee a stimulant and CBD a relaxant?

Mixing CBD and coffee may appear contradictory, isn’t coffee a stimulant while CBD a relaxant? Wouldn’t the interaction cancel itself out? However, it appears that CBD only negates some of the stimulating effects of caffeine such as anxiousness, jitters and rapid heartbeat. This suggests that coffee and CBD have a synergistic relationship whereby mental alertness and focus are promoted while the negative effects of caffeine are mitigated.

A luxury coffee experience, whatever you’re doing.

In fact, due to hemp and coffee both emitting unique aromas dependent on their strain/origin, coffee and hemp are sometimes compared to having their own diversity of pairings, similar to that of cheese and wine. Leafly, has a page dedicated to pairing cannabis strains’s terpenes along with choice coffee cultivars.  If you’re looking for a CBD product packed with terpenes, have a look here. CBD and coffee not only represent a perfect blend for focus and calm while working, studying or in the gym but also a leisure and luxury experience for those with a nose for flavours and aromas.

No fuss.

CBD-infused coffee must be one of the most convenient ways to take your CBD.  Many people struggle to take their CBD consistently, however, coffee is already part of most people’s daily ritual.
Therefore, coupling CBD and coffee represents an excellent opportunity to establish a habit of taking CBD by piggybacking onto your pre-existing coffee drinking routine.  Furthermore, having our coffee pre-infused with CBD makes the process even easier. When having a CBD coffee, many will squirt CBD oil into the cup. However, this usually means that the CBD oil will simply float on the top of coffee rather than infuse or bind. This is because many CBD tinctures use hemp seed oil as a carrier oil for the CBD. CBD is fat-soluble and doesn’t bind well with hemp seed oil and so, much of the CBD isn’t protected when it enters your digestive system. If you are going to use CBD oil in coffee, use CBD that is mixed with MCT oil that is high in fatty acids that bind and protect your CBD from being destroyed by your digestive system. If you’re looking for CBD mixed with MCT oil head over here. Our CBD is infused into the coffee by binding to the coffee beans’ natural oils while they cool down after roasting.

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